"In the pursuit of excellence, being extraordinary in everything I do, and working harder to serve you better is my mission."

- Stephanie Rachel.



Parliament Management - Las Vegas, Beverly Hills   2008 – Present

Palaye Royale 

Successfully completed music band/brand start up in a 36 month period
brand/band integration & development for band/brand
Obtain legal trademark for Palaye Royale
Set up Palaye Royale LLC & Federal Tax ID
BMI songwriter affiliation with Barbara Cane
Obtain & execute music copyrights
Samsung Global Commercial with band with their single “Get Higher”
MTV Award ( artist unsigned artist in MTV history)
Merchandise deal
Starwood Aloft Hotels - tour sponsorship
Live at Aloft music events
Artist sponsorships
Gen Art artist affiliation
Frankie B relaunch clothing line campaign
Ruffian Designers co-branding
Ford Models Mens Division
RTL Germen Television
ZDF German Television
High School Nation Tours
LA & Canadian Showcases
UTA - Ralph James Canadian representation
Hard Rock Cafe Indie Band runner up
Artist Instrument endorsement & support
Socan songwriter artist Advances
MAPL & CanCon Canadian approved artists
Music video representation on MuchMusic
“Boom Boom Room” Debut Record with James Iha
“The Ends Beginning” EP with Mark NeedHam
“Get Higher”& “White” single with  David Bendeth
“Morning Light” single with the Matrix
Produced & assist artist in creative vision for 90 music videos & documentary clips  

Secured Indie Record with major distribution
UTA Representation in the USA/Canada/South America
Socan artist affiliation with songwriter advances
BMI artist affiliation
Several successful National Tours
United Talent Agency (UTA) -Tim Borror & Ralph James
Sumerian Record Deal

An active role in the day to day management


entrepreneurship career & creative planning for Palaye Royale in the following areas but not limited to:
register domain name, file/register/legally prepare trademark registry, set up business license/company/corporate banking, federal tax ID number/bank accounts/line of credits, select and work with entertainment attorney, set up artist business manager, artist development deals, artist sponsorships & endorsement deals, artist housing ,  artist allowances and artist transportation

Contract, Execute, Hire & Select:


Hire contract and select Producer, mixer, engineer, execute producer contracts, studio & rehearsal rental contracts & budgets, touring budgeting,   hire & work with mastering company, CD/DVD art creation for digital and physical product, register PA and SR with US Copyrights Office, IRSC codes registry/set up, UPC codes set up, Gracenote registry, BMI affiliation, Socan affiliation with artist advance & songwriter registry, SoundExchange registry / set up/monitoring for TuneCore / AWAL digital distribution set up /monitoring, set up physical and global digital distribution contracts & accounts, hiring PR company, contract with local radio pluggers, created music outreach programs, worked with VH1 Save The Music, artist development, help select and contract for artist: vocal coaches, music teachers, music coaches etc.


Liaison for brand/band integration with clothing designers to help create band style with artist / select hair stylist / assist in product selection for the artist
Music Video & Filming:


Contract, produce, hire music video production team select directors/editors/crew/locations with artist ,select photographers & film crew,  provide legal release, forms & work for hire contracts,  location Insurance waivers, film permits,  set up craft services, transportation, delivery of props & assist in set up design.

Website & Social Media


Assist in creative  website design set up, website maintenance, E-commerce merchandise store set up , create merchandise designs with artist, contract with merchandise company, all social media platforms set up and monitoring, liaison for media industry re: media, writers, journalist, bloggers, press, editors, publications, proficient in press releases, content creation for all social media platforms, set up multiple music showcases for industry professionals, book & promote live shows at private events, malls, in-stores, clubs, venues, theaters for artist, band merchandiser seller and booth/table set up, set up and execute band meet & greets, arrange promotional merchandise and mailer distribution.

Artist Endorsement & Sponsorships


Assist and execute in band equipment & instrument endorsements, obtain artist discount deals, assist in musician relationships with brand companies, create sponsorship decks and look books

Execute Artist contract rider, stage plot and equipment in put list and assist in stage designs, aesthetic and create & design lighted stage signs.

Artist Hire & Selection

Assist in styling and grooming of hired musicians, execute work for hire agreements and retainer contracts, assist in instrument maintenance for artist, assist and arrange all travel /accommodations for artist / band.

Developed, managed and built artist brand music start ups 'Kropp Circle' and 'Palaye Royale' to date.

Avenue Designs & NNT Inc Owner/ - 1992-2010


Head designer for custom homes, commercial & corporate offices, client vacation homes, condominiums, corporate offices, board rooms, common areas, lounges, casino remodels, renovations, model home complexes, club houses, real estate and home owner staging.
Worked for & hired by the following home builders for model homes & model home complexes:


Dr Horton
Coleman Homes
Pulte Homes
Christopher Homes
Beazer Homes
Legacy Homes
Toll Brothers

Historical Qualifications on successful brands built by Stephanie Rachel


Robin Kay Stores (Toronto)                                                                                                                      

1991- 1992

Supervisor/manager, assisted in the re branding of the designer, brought new brand awareness to company, merchandiser, window display, clothing design, Implemented corporate and neighborhood client mailing list, store events, successfully trained staff, visual merchandiser, window merchandiser, assisted in the design of store, built ins, lighting, furniture, inventory control, etc.

Autour Du Monde (Paris & Toronto)                                                                                                                     


Supervisor, marketing & promotional strategist for European brand, built brand awareness for the flagship store on Front Street and Eglington Avenue location in Toronto, Ontario.

Built & implemented brand building with brand awareness, clothing designs, store design, signage, advertising, aesthetic and general feel of stores, weekly window display designs, employee product training, scheduling, Implemented corporate and neighborhood client mailing list, store events, successfully trained staff, visual merchandiser, window merchandiser, gift bag/basket creator, assisted in the design of store, built ins, lighting, furniture, inventory control.

Mexx International (Toronto)                                                                                                                

1988- 1989

Supervisor, brand building and brand awareness in Toronto, Ontario successfully trained staff, was a visual merchandiser, window merchandiser, marketing & promotional strategist, inventory control, assisted in the design of store, built ins, lighting, promotional signage.


The Body Shop (Toronto & England)                                                                                                                       


Worked with founder Anita Roddick, Built brand building and brand awareness, assist in the design, aesthetic/feel of stores, window display, employee product training & gift basket design for the flagship store at the Royal Bank Centre, Toronto Dominion Center and Young Street Toronto Ontario locations. 


Implemented corporate sales accounts with client mailing list, spearheaded in-store promotions with weekly product consumer education, demonstrations & product brand awareness, successfully trained staff, visual merchandiser, window merchandiser, inventory control, gift bag/basket design creator, marketing & promotional strategist, assisted in the design of store, promotional signage, built ins, lighting, furniture, etc.

Brand building with brand awareness, store design, aesthetic and general feel of stores, weekly window display designs, employee product training, scheduling, Implemented corporate and neighborhood client mailing list, store events, successfully trained staff, was a visual merchandiser, window merchandiser, gift bag/basket creator, marketing & promotional strategist, assisted in store design, built ins, lighting, furniture, etc.

Studio 607 | New Images East & West Photography Studios (Toronto)                       


Locations King Street, Adelaide Street and Bay Street in Toronto, Ontario for the Music Entertainment, Motion Pictures, Models & Fashion Designers, Model Agency Comp Cards, Fashion Editorials, Insurance & Real Estate Personnel, etc.


Still photographer, set designer, stylist on photography shoots, movies, commercials, producer, print ads ‐ a certified film black & white lab technician.




Head of fund raising for 3 grades event planning, sponsorship and endorsements for Meadows School Non‐Profit, school educational trip planner organizer for schools and large organizations. Photographer, event archive & documentary specialist, yearbook date and information, assistance provided to teachers


2001- 2010

Head of US Chess Federation National and State Sanctioned Tournaments,

Sponsorship & event co-ordinator for Las Vegas, Nevada  Meadows School



Worked with Paul Weller to re-market him as a brand.



Implemented & assisted in a US Chess Federation Youth Program for under privileged for Clark County Schools



USHL - AAA USA Las Vegas Travel Hockey League: Fundraiser, Sponsorship & Event Co-ordinator



Graceland venue in Scarborough, Ontario - Entertainment Manager: booking artists for venue, travel, accommodations, promotions (Tanya Tucker/Dottie West/Pat Wopat/Teenage Head. Etc.)



Tour and day to day Manager and photographer for Johnny Thunders, Stiv Bators,



Toronto Rock & Roll Photographer for U2, David Bowie, The Clash, Iggy Pop, Johnny Thunders, INXS, The Jam, Style Council, 999, The English Beat, Madness, Undertones, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Bow Wow Wow, Stranglers, Mink DeVille, Charlie Sexton, Lords Of The New Church, Flock Of Seagulls, Duran Duran, Judas Priest, Ozzy Ozbourne, Dokken, Krokus, Rough Cutt, Flesh For Lulu, and Bob Seger.



References available upon request